About Tutto Interiors

Cheryl Nestro | Creative Director

Cheryl Nestro, principle and creative director at Tutto Interiors, has been a leader in the industry for more than 15 years. Tutto Interiors is a multifaceted, full-service interior design studio that combines sound, trusting relationships, creativity, and unsurpassed attention to detail, and her passion and collaborative approach enable each project to reach its highest potential.

Tutto Interiors level of commitment is unsurpassed, as each member of the team strives to make their clients dreams a reality. Cheryl takes a holistic approach to design, giving careful consideration to every decision and creating fluid spaces throughout a home. She begins the process at the conceptual stage to develop the best solutions and to combine functionality with style.

Tutto Interiors blends traditional, and modern spaces without claiming allegiance to any particular style.Cheryl and her team masterfully interpret the dreams of discerning homeowners. They have received more than 48 design awards and set the standard for luxury interiors.

Lauren McKay | Interior Designer

Lauren McKay a graduate of Eastern Michigan University has a background in high end residential interior design. Lauren has a strong belief that the power of a beautiful environment can transform daily life. Lauren enjoys getting to know each client and delivering detail oriented designs tailored to their personality, desires, and experiences. Lauren has a take charge personality which is a added bonus in the design field. Lauren’s design inspiration comes from her love to travel, specifically to learn about European design and architecture, and appreciation of art.